Relationship Between Gastronomy and Tourism

• Relationship between Local Cousine – Tourism

• The effect of Chefs, Tour Guides and Local Restaurants on Gastronomy Tourism


Tourism Strategies and Policies about Gastronomy

• Strategies and Collaborations of Restaurants, Hotels and Guesthouses on Gastronomic Heritage

• UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List and Gastronomy Relationship, Sustainable Tourism Policies and Strategies of UNESCO Gastronomic Creative Cities

• Improvement of Quality and Standards of Local Restaurants

• Gastronomy Tourism , Couisine Heritage Policies, National, Regional and Local Development


Gastronomy Tourism Marketing

• Expert Gastronomy Tourism Agencies and Tour Operators

• Festivals and Competitions for Improvement of Gastronomy Tourism

• Thought of Gastronomy Tourism of Local People

• Luxurious Gastronomy Tourism

• Tourist Satisfaction Level about Gastronomy Tourism

Gastronomic Heritage

• Couisine Museums for Improvement of Local and Regional Tourism

• Protection of Local Cultures from Field to Table and Lost Values


Gastronomic Destinations and Regions

• Vineyard Destinations Tourism

• Olive and Olive oil, Olive oil Destinations

• Bay, Sea and Sea Ford Destinations


Trends of Gastronomy, Food and Tourism

• Street Food

• New Food and Tourism Icons, Bazaars, Innovator Ford Markets

• The Role of Geographic and Local Marking on Regional Tourism Development

The Role of Social Media, Associations and Institutes in Terms of Gastronomy and Tourism
• The Effect of Media and Social Platforms on Gastronomy Tourism Promotion

• The Importance of Associations, Product Clubs and NGO for Introduction and Commercialization of Gastronomy Tourism

• The Role of Institutes, Associations, Foundations, Universities and Gastronomy Academies on Improvement and Empowerment of Quality Food Tourism


Slow Food Movement

• Gastronomy and Sustainability with the perspective of “Good, Clean, Fair”.

• Food and Freedom

• Terra Madre, Re-discovery of Local Food Routes


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