Relationship of Gastronomy and Tourism

  • The Relationship between Local Cuisines and Tourism
  • The Impact of Tour Guides, Chefs and Local Restaurants

Tourism Strategies and Policies Related To Gastronomy

  • Strategies and Collaboration on Gastronomic Heritage at Restaurants, Hotel – Restaurants and Guest Houses
  • UNESCO Intangible Heritage List Related to Gastronomy, Sustainable Tourism Policies and Strategies of UNESCO Gastronomic Creative Cities  
  • Improvement of Standards and Qualities in Local Restaurants
  • Gastronomic Tourism, Culinary Heritage Policies, National, Regional and Local Development

Gastronomic Tourism Marketing

  • Travel Agencies and Tour Operators Specialized on Gastronomic Tourism
  • The Role of Festivals and Competitions in terms of Gastronomic Tourism Development
  • The View of Local Inhabitants towards Gastronomic Tourism
  • Luxury Gastronomic Tours
  • The Satisfaction of The Tourists in Gastronomic Tourism

Gastronomic Heritage

  • Culinary Museums for Local and Regional Tourism Development
  • Protection of Local Cultures and Fading Values, Traditions

Gastronomic Destinations and Regions

  • Vineyard Routes Tourism
  • Olive and Olive Oil; Olive Oil Routes
  • Gulf, Sea and Seafood Routes

Trends in Gastronomy, Food and Tourism

  • Street Foods
  • New Food Tourism Icons: Market Places, Innovative Food Markets
  • The Role of Geographic and Local Food Indications for Regional Tourism Development
  • Slow Movements: Slow Food, Slow Tourism

The Role of Social Media, Associations, and Institutions in Gastronomy and Tourism

  • The Impact of Media and Social Networks in the Promotion of Gastronomic Tourism
  • Branding and Promotion of Gastronomic Tourism through Films, TV Series and Shows
  • The Importance of Public – Private Partnerships, Associations, Product Clubs for  the Promotion and Commercialisation of Gastronomic Tourism
  • The Role of Institutions, Associations, Foundations, Universities and Gastronomy Academies in Strengthening and Development of Quality Food Tourism

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