Fuarizmir had opened gates in order to respond to and meet the potential of the developing fair organization sector in the city and to open new horizons in front of the industry, as the largest, the most modern and the newest exhibition center of Turkey. Fuarizmir renders its services on an area of 330,000 m2 where fairs, congresses, seminars or event organizations are held in fuarizmir; it has 4 exhibition halls, 4 seminar rooms, 5 meeting rooms, an open exhibition area, amphitheater, fairgrounds, fair streets, a parking lot as well as cafe and restaurant areas.

4.Uluslararası Gastronomi Turizmi Kongresi, 2223-B Yurt İçi Bilimsel Etkinlik Düzenleme Desteği Programı kapsamında TUBİTAK tarafından desteklenmektedir.